The Correct Way To Pop A Pimple

The Correct Way To Pop A Pimple

If you have already got to the point where you need to pop a pimple then you really need to seek treatment for your acne. Popping pimples or squeezing zits whatever you want to call it is generally discouraged by all skin professionals alike.

The reason behind their thinking is simple; when you pop a pimple you open the skin layers to infection. In simple terms by trying to remove one spot you can cause the breakout of allot more spots by the spread of bacteria underneath the skin.

No matter how many times acne sufferers are given this advice it seems that the temptation to crush that zit is far too over powering. So if you won’t listen and you’re determined to show that zit who is boss then you may as well do it the right way.

You will need to take the following preparatory steps to minimize the risk of infection and help easily break the skin surface to allow the dirt to come out and unblock the pore:

1) Thoroughly clean the affected area by using a scrub or cleanser
2) Prepare a large bowl of boiling water and allow your face to hover over the steam. Steam helps open up the pores allowing the dirt to escape easier.
3) Take two pieces of clean tissues and wrap them around each of your index fingers
4) Use gentle pressure around the outer edges of the spot to encourage the dirt to come out
5) If the dirt won’t come out then don’t get frustrated and force it. Patiently wait another day!
6) If the dirt does come out don’t be overcome with joy and forget the next steps
7) It is very important that you clean the wound with cold water washing away blood and tissues fluid. This will help reduce the inflammation.
8) Immediately apply an anti bacterial stick such as tea tree or which hazel that will also help reduce the inflammation.
9) However tempting it is, do not use your fingers to measure your success by prodding the wound.
10) Whilst the healing process is continuing, avoid over exerting yourself which may cause you to sweat and cause further infection in the area.

I certainly don’t encourage crushing pimples but I do understand that sometimes it is actually necessary to allow the dirt or puss to drain to expedite the healing process. Please always make sure you use good hygiene and never be tempted to use your nails. Not only do nail beds contain a flourishing range of bad bacteria they can leave behind permanent scars on your face.

If you are frustrated with acne and the only pleasure you get out of life is the brief sense of relief you feel after crushing a zit then please consider speaking to a medical health professional. For acne which has not responded to conventional treatment, we recommend the oral preparation Isotretinoin Accutane Roaccutane.